Villa Bodhi







I saw this place on one of the people I met in Europe’s photo stream two days ago. I was super down about all these bites and the weather making what I had hoped to be an amazing week of sunshine an absolute nightmare. Starting to feel very homesick, I decided I needed to keep moving, and when I saw and looked into this place it was exactly what I needed. After almost having my rain jacket lost at the laundromat (not my fault, and entirely a necessary thing right now!) and the mini van breaking down multiple times on the trip here, I decided Sihanoukville this time for me is cursed. I arrived in Kampot and all my worries are gone again. It’s like a rainforest version of Pursat. A small town, barely any cars, lots of bikes and then this hostel. WOW! Where do I start, it’s tropical paradise for 3 dollars a night. If I had company I’d be staying in either their floating bungalow (yes floating on the river) or roof top bungalow which boasts amazing sunrises. The bar is suspended out over the water, and you just take a step down onto a platform and jump in. Friday nights are famous around here for all the people working in Cambodia to come, party, listen to live music and chill out at the bar here (they even have a music recording studio!) An absolute gem of a find. If you need me I’ll be living off coconuts and this salad for the next who knows…

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