River front lounging…. I also forgot to mention. On the bus here I met this awesome couple, I mainly spoke to the girl (who’s name I already forget) for the entire 2 hour trip as we were crammed up against each other in the mini van carting an illegal amount of people. She is Brazilian and he is Polish and they met in London, she is 30 and he is 38 and they have just decided to up and leave and travel the world, with not a single plan or ounce of research behind them. They’ve been travelling for 3 months now, and they figured they would do this and decide where in the world they want to live and settle down eventually, or maybe start a business, or they don’t know. They’re headed for Australia later to make some money and keep going, and it was just so cool to hear there story and that this is what they’ve decided to do, and they had some crazy stories!

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