Real Cambodia in Sihanoukville




After seeing a fair bit of rural and real Cambodia here is very different and designed for tourists. It’s great having beach bars and bamboo chairs and all that inbetween, but people won’t get the full idea of Cambodia if they were to just come here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with it here, head over heels. Once docked (thank god, the ride home I had to sit facing the horizon the entire time) the two girls said they were going to walk home rather than get a tuk tuk, I was itching to lay down on dry, non-moving land but I thought why not, I hadn’t seen much of this side, we walked the entire length of serendipity beach, past the deck chairs, and abandoned bars, and further on we started seeing where all the sales men, women and children sleep; in hammocks barley covered by traps on the beach further down, i immediately felt awful for them for having to endure the storm last night (and all the others). The further we got down the beach the more polluted it got. And then I discovered why, this village is running directly into the beach on this side. Note the photo the evident line between brown and blue waters. I was thankful our beautiful beach was over and around the headland quiet a deal further up, but it was a real contrast.

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