Bamboo Island


We had to get as a smaller boat to shore, lunch supplies and all and this was legitimately the closest I’ve been to capsizing in a boat filled with 30 others. The seas were so rocky and the boat wasn’t fantastic that with each sway of the waves those sitting on the sides almost had gushes of water coming over onto their laps. We had people jumping out and swimming to shore, I would have done the same though I had my camera and it was raining so my priority second to my life was not getting it wet. We arrived to shore, bodies and towels soaking wet and had a small hut were we had to reside for the next 2 and a half hours instead of lounging in these colourful chairs and soaking up the sun. Beers were being cracked and pity parties thrown. I would have gone swimming as it was warmer in the water than onland but my clothes and towel were soaking wet and I would have been colder than what I’d started out as. The fresh fish,salad and rice when down and absolute treat and then I wandered the island collecting shells with Silvia and Mia, two German girls I met.

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