To market, to market to but the kids food.



Frank really wanted to take the kids out for a meal and pay, but all that money seems like a big waste for Borin and she wouldn’t agree to it. So, we thought of a new (and better) plan; we would purchase fruits, vegetables and meats and cook up a big feast at the orphanage. Borin was much more impressed. So this morning at 8 we went to the market buying kilos of carrots, onion, beans, Cambodian spinach, capsicums, green tomatoes, spring onion, potato (a gem here!), cabbage, lychees, bananas, pineapple as well as large portions of ‘fresh’ pork and chicken (too fresh for my liking, if you ask me) as well as sugar, salt, oil, lime and chilli. We loaded the tuk tuk back up and drove home. Pictured is half the foods we bought. I spent 15 dollars which bought all that fruit and vegetables, plus chilli and oyster sauce.

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