We’d already lost the kids schooling attention by the time we were home, and Emma was feeling sick and had gone back home, so they spent the morning playing “educational” games and listening to music with Frank. I really wanted to get a feel for what it was like in the kitchen side of things, always cooking meals for at least 20 people (and sometimes guests) In an out door kitchen verrrrry different from what we have at home. The older girls are in charge of this and spend there days, whilst we teach preparing the food. Never ever extravagant like today, in fact if they get vegetables usually it’s beans and that’s it (you can get a kilo of beans for about 10 cents here), and we needed all hands on deck to get all these vegetables prepared. So we washed them all and got cutting- I had the job of the spinach, green tomatoes, carrots, capsicum and lucked out with the onions as well. I was thankful I didn’t have to peal the 50 odd cloves of garlic they got or the chicken.

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