This morning was a very special morning at the orphanage, we had a re-returning volunteer (something I hope to do also). This man, Frank volunteered for 2 weeks last year, he bought and constructed them a new roof for the “classroom” as well as 5 bunk beds. He has come back to help set up sponsorship for the 10/16 children who aren’t sponsored as well as get Internet and computer programs up and running with the aim of teaching the children skills like bracelet weaving, painting and sewing so they can fundraise using these things back in Australia. He’s looking for a permanent teacher to work with the kids and volunteers will still come in and help. This weekend he’s taking all the kids and teachers out for dinner. After frank went off to the markets with Borin to get food supplies, another bus of people came through… This time a team of doctors and nurses from the USA. They have been travelling around Cambodia running health checks and handing out free toothbrushes, tooth paste and instructions as well as any other health and hygiene requirements like vitamins needed. They were so lovely to talk to and so impressed by what we were doing. One of them actually sponsors one of the girls from this orphanage and so he came to visit her, see how she was going and took her for an excursion to Siem Reap for the day (this is a huge deal for the kids). Frank bought the kids this flag.

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