My absolute favourite thing to do here is to ride my bike early in the mornings down to the markets to purchase fresh fruit or bread for the following mornings. I usually go alone as I’m the only one with a bike, but sometimes the kids meet me half way and double (or triple) on the back of my bike. It’s a sight in itself. Here in Pursat, most people’s days start at 5:30 (my host mum starts sewing at 6- after Zumba) and all the children start school at 7, and the temperature is just right for market trawling, so the market is filled to the bring with every man and his dog (literally) and motorbikes and bicycles with large baskets strapped to their backs filling them with spices, vegetables and fruits needed for the following days meals. The freshest of quality (the fish are literally still squirming) and though the smell is something else, the food you pick up here is to die for.

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