I paid $10 to do a cooking class at one of the city’s best Khmer restaurants this morning. We were taken to the markets to collect our ingredients. After giving up a vegetarian streak anticipating Asia and its edible animal forms and market “delights” but also cultural cuisines and I felt as though the act of being able to pick and choose what we emit from our diets is a very westernised and fortunate thing (not that it’s makes it any more moral) I just didn’t want to turn down local offerings of foods that are luxuries for them (especially living with a family for a month), or miss out on cultural experiences. That said, this market was enough to almost immediately change this back very quickly. At least you knew the fish was fresh, cause they were still squirming about when the Cambodia lades would grab them and chop their heads off in full view of the customers. Fried bats, turtles, snake fish, pigs head, you name it, it was there. We collected our vegetables (Cambodia has the best mushrooms I’ve ever eaten and the strangest looking), coconut and spices for our chosen dishes and head back to the restaurant.

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