Running; my meditation

Though I’ve only had 5 full days at New Life, I’m already beginning to notice slight changes. We did this awesome breathing cleansing exercise one morning and an hour and a half later when I went running under my diaphragm it felt so much lighter and easier to breath (N.B I have only been running since getting here.) Then today, I ran 6kms (which I wasn’t even running at home) but I could get myself in these amazing zone by focusing attention on my breath and then when I ha said “okay I’ll stop up at this point” and minutes later I noticed I’d infant gone way past it and was in no need of stopping.

Here they say to think of meditation as like when you have a lass of muddy water that’s been stirred and then you leave it to sit, the mud will sink to the bottom and separate. This is the effect of mediation. I can’t seem to grasp it, so every class I either leave sleepy and/ or frustrated that after 2-3 breath my mind wanders. But running is something different!

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