Ao Nang; Krabie




Krabie has been a place that backpackers along the way had told me about and that I particularly wanted to explore. Ao Nang is a beach which is apart of it and the easiest point to jet across to Railay beach (my particular point of interest). We wandered around and found a room 30 seconds walk to the beach down an alley way, later that night when the bars opened up we discovered that 1. These bars play live music till 2am and we basically have the “best” seats in the house and 2. Our air conditioner was broken and as a result almost shook the room with noise. Earplugs would have been a GREAT thing to have packed! But the beach was beautiful and even though we had a serious afternoon storm hit (we witnessed a huge tree branch falling down only 10 meters in front of us) I’ve taught Jay Ariff and so we’ve contributed our card battle (of which I won…again! =D)

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