A slice of home in Phuket



Samantha Capp ladies and gentle men. Thanks to my “Aunty” Michelle who introduced me to this fine specimen, Sam works with my Aunty at home and we’d only met for an hour or so just before we both left on our trips…the perks of travelling! She’s recently move to Phuket for a year (maybe longer) to do some fabulous things. She works over here, for free, teaching the locals to surf, surfing herself and hanging out with local Thai ladies spending her days cruising on her motorbike, surfboard on the side from beach to beach, learning Thai 2 days a week and soaking up the sunshine. Essentially she is living the life. But also, she is helping all these very poor locals as a sort of under cover “councillor” helping them with their troubled backgrounds, and giving them hope and goals through surfing and her support. And the effects of it is wearing off on her, with the huge grin plastered across her face from all this island living. Go girl! She’s taken me and the girls under her wing the last two days and shown us real island life, and all the local beaches and it’s been amazing! So thank you Aunty Michelle šŸ˜€

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