After a 26 hour travel day we arrived some more rested than other, but this was without a doubt the worst night bus trip I’ve ever experienced as there seemed to be pot holes every 5 meters along the way. For those lucky enough to be dosed up on Valium it didn’t matter so much. The weather predictions weren’t working in our favour until a couple of days so we had to change our plans around slightly (for some this meant skipping Sapa, and for me it meant very quick changes and lots of travelling). And I’m so thankful now that we spent 2 days watching movies, wandering the city and getting cheap and much needed massages, because when we boarded the boat with not a drop of rain close by and the days to come, all of the rushing is now worth it. Half our group (well almost all the guys) opted to do the infamous and legendary “Castaway Tour”…think 3 day crazy booze, overpriced booze cruise. The rest of us, and poor Dan who was on antibiotics for a terrible ear infections boarded a more civilised, relaxed and much cheaper boat but by no means were me missing out on this natural wonder of the world by any means (in fact, we lucked out exceptionally well for how much we paid!)





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