Tra Que; vegetable village








Firstly a big thank you to my Aunty for getting me onto Trip Advisor, Im an addict now! This was rated 2nd of the places and things to do in Hoi An and on our bike ride to the beach the day before, we happened to stumble across the sign for the entrance of the path to this village. On arriving I was gobsmacked, I think I rode around the entire time with my mouth wide open. This entire place only harvested fruits, vegetable sand herbs to be grown and picked then sent to the local markets and restaurants (no wonder the food is so heavenly here/ all through Vietnam). All organic and tendered to with extra care, these neat rows provide the most amazing produce, but tucked secretly away from the hustle and bustle. With local music softest playing in the background, this place was the definition of tranquil. We booked in for the cooking class/ food tour, and I was originally going to go alone, but the low season price and sight of this place won the girls over and so the three of us ventured together to learn the basics and secrets of Vietnamese cooking.

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