So Hoi An has been my favourite place so far in Vietnam (aside from the stress of the tailor) I could wander the lantern filled streets forever and still be in awe. This town has absolutely my pockets dry of money because its filled to the brim with artwork and amazing souvenirs. I have a package of small lanterns on its way home, 5 big lanterns some now stuffed into my bag and a huge bag to carry tailor made clothes, shoes, more bigger lanterns, and other odds and ends I’ve been picking up along the way (sorry jay…). There is currently a massif typhoon on its way tonight which wrecked havoc on the Philippines so we made the call at 6am this morning not to motorbike the next leg, so the girls and I are stuck here (thankful we made this choice because its currently raining a lot) hoping that we will be able to get out of here and the entire way up to Hanoi tomorrow, provided its not flooded, we’ve got 19 hours worth of bus trips ahead of us. Wish me luck!

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