Hoi An



Or fairyland…. Either way this city I have been itching to get to. After what was the most uncomfortable and longest overnight bus if my life, a sleepless group arrived at Hoi An. The girls and I separated to find some cheaper accommodation. This city has already exceeded my expectations in 24 hours. There is 2 beaches here, bikes for hire for $1 a day, AMAZING food and local delicacies, you can get just about anything you dream of tailor made here (even shoes!!! My tiny feet are loving it!), lanterns on every shop and restaurant and markets filled to the brim with amazing treasures. I found the lantern stall yesterday and I’ve already decided as I couldn’t get the dress I wanted to get made for the wedding (boning issues with the top part of it…) I will spend a days budget at this stall cause these lanterns are too incredible for words. I wish I could better describe and show this town, but you’ll all just have to come here yourselves and discover its true beauty!

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