Travel buddies


I met Barbara (middle) and Olivia (right) who are both from Germany in Ho Chi Minh one night in the lobby on our way home from a night out. They joined the gang and have been venturing with me ever since, and I could not have been more thankful to have met these two precious souls. They have taught me a few German words and have been the most outstanding and fun company, though we’ve all been sick little puppies together we’ve all been there to nurse each other. After the worst, most terrifying but amazing (scenery-wise) bus ride of our lives, the three of us have made it to Nha Trang, or the Miami of Vietnam…invaded by Russian tourists. But there is a beach, warm weather and we have a beautiful private room and incredible bathroom and kitchen for $6.50 a night, balcony included and the gang will be reforming from here on.

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