Vietnam or Europe?!



Though run down,this town has a very European feel to it. The wifi tower is modelled off the Eiffel Tower! There is a huge lake in the middle of the town with paddle boats for hire, the houses aren’t really Vietnamese at all (though they still take the tall, skinny design which is common here). It’s a little surreal. It’s much, much cooler here than anywhere I’ve been as we are up in the mountains and so I am SO thankful for hippie pants and my rain jacket, but being sick with these drastic temperature changes is not helping and i haven’t really packed accordingly. Honestly we have spent most of out time, sleeping, reading and eating soup, trying to get better and help our budgets. The main reason I came to Da Lat was to canyon (again) and hike but I’m not liking my chances of this right now. I’m staying in my first hotel of the trip and for $6 each a night with our own room, bathroom and double beds as well as breakfast I have never been more appreciative of a budget hotel and travel buddies! Our room resembles a drug store/ hospital with two sick girls (poor Olivia is doing a fantastic job of nursing us both!) but I’m hoping tomorrow to brave the city for a countryside tour.

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