Mui Ne, Vietnam




There are a lot of Russians popping up in Vietnam, and this beach side resort-strip town (and another a little further North) are the places they tend to hang out with. I was drawn here after a few recommendations and I’m in heaven. Our hostel is beach front, in fact the two hostels we’ve had to stay at (a trip advisors mistake) are both beach front, they’re is an abundance of selection for beach bars to lounge at during the day, and during high season I imagine bars and clubs packed to the brims. The tide comes in very high and strongly here so all the bars are perched up with steps down to the beach. Another one of those towns where it’s hard to grasp the atmosphere but you can see it has potential. Yesterday we went to this Ibiza-esq beach bar (white, white and more white with booths and beach lounges galore). We were the only ones so had the choice of any chair or bean bag or lounge in the house and the bar to ourselves. With a swimming pool in the middle of the what I believe turns into a very happening bar/club in summer, and the beach literally meters from our chairs we lounged for hours and hours in the 34 degree heat and drank a selection of made to order and new cocktails for the owners new menu.

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