Underground tunnels



Here is the entrance to the underground tunnels. I wasn’t quiet sure what I was expecting. They started out alright, and hence this is the only picture I snapped up (marvellous isn’t it?) because from here on in, it just got smaller and smaller and hands and knees were required. What made it hard was that I was wearing a backpack and people in front of me kept taking pictures and stopping causing traffic. About half way through the 100m tunnel crawl I started to slightly panic, it was super hot down their and I just wanted people to keep moving. Finally we reached the surface to find out this was in fact the one closest of the ground and the next on was deeper and tighter. A lot more people voluntarily opted out of the second one, that or physically wouldn’t have fit and weren’t allowed. I was skeptical cause I had started to get a little claustrophobic, but I figured it was only 40 meters this time. Yes it was definitely much, much tighter but it was also much darker with sections where for a good 30 seconds you couldn’t see a think and just had to keep crab walking or crawling in hope. We reached the surface dripping in sweat and thankful for fresh air and to be seeing the light again. I honestly don’t entirely know how they continually used this tunnel system day in and day out during the war.

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