Ho Chi Minh City


After a surprisingly smooth 9 hour journey from Cambodia to Vietnam I arrived in the chaotic city of Ho Chi Minh. Whisked around on a motor bike I was in amongst the sea of the 6 million motorbikes in the city (and their are 11 million living here!) I didn’t have much choice arriving alone, when it was dark to a place where their were rarely cabs. I finally meet up with the boys and had my first hot shower in 6 weeks and lapped up the luxury of air con. I met a girl called Caitlin at the bar whilst we played all played pool and so we all headed out for a meal and some drinks together. My first bowl of pho down and feeling like a millionaire with all my Dong. Vietnam, and especially this city is a whole new ball game from Cambodia. For one is cleaner, the people are less smiley and happy but (some) don’t seem to hassle you as much of rather as often, but Im constantly being warned about bag snatchings and bad stories/ areas and so thankfully I have recruited 6 English body guards, in exchange for being the groups personal “trip advisor” and planner. This city is fast paced, chaotic and crossing the road here is literally fearing for your life scary. But I am welcoming new surroundings with two arms as a change from the last weeks luck.

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