Kep National park





Kep is a beautiful, quiet seaside town which is surrounded by views of mountains and this national park or ocean no matter which way you look. I got a $1 tuk tuk to the bottom of the trail, and when he left me their he said “oh by the way don’t play with the snakes, some small, some big and sometimes tourist play with them and they die”… Well there are some words of encouragement….because I was planning on “playing with the snakes” in the first place! I immediately found myself a VERY large stick as my companion. Looking absolutely ridiculous (but hey at least I would be some what protected…maybe) I arrived at the entrance and as I was paying a Dutch guy walked up too. He paid as I was putting sunscreen on and asked if I wanted to walk he track with him. He had a map of the trails, so I agreed not aware he had planned not to walk around the park but climb up the mountain!!

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