Kep beach



From above and from the ground, the beach unfortunately does not do itself justice with all these storms, this golden sanded beauty has been churned up a little too much.



The oldest a best known restaurant in this area (according to lonley planet). Part of the reason for my journey to Kep was to indulge in their infamous crab. Seaside seating, and for $9 I got a mix plate of squid, prawns and a small crab cooked in chilli, lime and salt (seasoned with a generous amount of Kampot pepper) and a fresh pineapple juice (with complimentary pineapple as an appetiser…I was pineapple-ed out!). The crab was delicious and I was relatively impressed with my de-shelling this round. But I didn’t feel too good not long later and this whole thing was probably way too enthusiastic given my tummy. But I was definitely glad I came and checked out what all the fuss was about.

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