Kampot City




After farewelling everyone off to Phnom Penh or to start the journey to Vietnam, I decided to wander into town to save some pennies on the tuk tuk ride, besides the streets are so green and beautiful here with paths along the river front in town. Kampot isn’t much of a city, it’s a safe one, but it very much boasts a slow paced localised lifestyle. I bought some Kampot pepper (which it is famous for) and chilli sauce to take home and was thankful I went to the local markets because the tourist shops sell it for 4 times the price. It was a beautiful walk, but as I walked home I witnessed a horrific motorbike accident, on such a quiet stretch of rode where the man had obviously taken the corner way too hard. I’m not sure if the man will be okay, I didn’t want to stand and stare. It was definitely eye opening…

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