Today it rained heavily for the first half of the day so besides the early morning antics which later I was thankful for at least 45 minutes of frolicking outdoors, I was coped up indoors whilst winds howled outside at about 40km/hr and we watched the trees scarily sway in the wind. The rain has finally died down, and the winds about half as strong. It’s hard to know what’s happening each website says something totally different. Unfortunately my bed and safety box was place right under the one window that was effected the most by incoming rain, water had started to seep into where all my things were stored (luckily I caught it earlier enough so just mainly clothes on too were effected) and I had to move beds and boxes. Somehow safely our 4 English friends got back to dry land (hardly dry however) on a boat from Koh Rong island so we all met up for an early dinner before they left for Vietnam (lucky things!). **NB; the reason I’m still in this town whist the weather is so horrendous is because my visa for Vietnam doesn’t start till this time next week, and it’s raining everywhere else along the coast.

We went to an an NGO run restaurant called Sandan which gets street kids and trains them up to work as waitresses, waiters and cooks. Though “pricey” for Cambodian restaurants, fortunately we got there during happy hour so for 2 cocktails, a starter (essential a meal of a salad anyway!), a half size main and a disgusting shot if honey flavours red rice wine I paid $7.50. It was really awesome to see my friends again and also such an awesome concept with absolutely delicious food and fantastic service.

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