The worst boat trip of my life.


I have never been bad with sea sickness (I slept on the top of a boat for 8 nights and wasn’t slightly seasick at all) but today was the worst feeling of my life. We had a big storm at 4:30 last night, I lay away counting the gaps and it was scarily close. The power cut for 4 hours (a regular occurrence here). Thinking they’d maybe not take the boats, but the sun was peeping out at 8am here, so we set off. After breakfast the winds had picked up and when it can time to board the boat, it was rocking uncomfortably too much side to side. I made a comment saying “I hope no one gets sea sick..” We’ll that shot me right in the foot. I then commenced the worst 40 minutes of my life. The over crowded boat slowly made its way to the first island, storm clouds looming and I sat on the side considering swimming to shore because anywhere was better than the feeling of almost hurling your breakfast off the side of the boat for 40 minutes. Driving over a change in currents and a swim stop was my saving grace.

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