Serendipity beach, Sihanoukville



This place is paradise and hell in one. Filled with restaurants and bars one after the other, essentially serving the same thing and drinks I’m not entirely sure where people put their towels amongst the swarm of bamboo chairs that lines the beach, I wanted to check out the main area of Sihanoukville and so two guys staying in my dorm said they were keen to come so the tuk tuk was cheaper as well. There are 4 of us in the only open dorm room here cause it’s that quiet. We all felt like this trip made us appreciate Ortres beach a whole lots more. Aside from the restaurant staff hassling you, you’ve got swarms of children and ladies offering bracelets and massages and food who just want take ‘NO’ for an answer and crowd around your table and just hang there until you’ve ignored them for long enough that they move onto the next table. That said it was a cool place to be able to lounge on the beach, cocktail in hand and watch the sunset. We returned later than night as well to get our groove on at the beach front bars.

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