I haven’t really drunk much in the last 5 weeks, and last night I was really impressed with my pacing efforts, I drank 2 bottles of water whilst out (mum you’d be impressed) as well. One of the boys I’m certain got his drink spiked and was about to head off (unknowingly to him)with a hooker down a dark stretch of the beach until I noticed and dragged us all home. And I’m glad we did cause our tuk tuk took us to the wrong beach and it took over half an hour to get home with a drunken Gareth who was literally almost falling out of the tuk tuk. This morning though I still feel as though someone is wringing out my stomach and as though my head has been hit by a bus. This alcohol is posion I swear, and I’m not a fan no matter how little i drink. But we had a really fun night out and it was cool the bar fronts were on the beach. There were fire shows and fireworks on the beach too. I had a try of fire twirling without the fire… And thank god for that cause I would have been up in flames. But I’m currently needing berocca badly and housing a body that was evidently feasted on by mosquitoes (despite covering myself in repellent before I went out). Waaaaaaaaah

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