Reason #64 why I love Cambodia:

Went to the “Russian Markets” in Phnom Penh this morning, bright and early and Cambodia’s have this thing called “morning price” because they desperately want to make a sale, and so it is deemed lucky to make it as early as possible. So even those who absolutely suck at bartering (i.e me) can have good time. This morning for $34 dollars I got:

– 3 hand-done sizeable canvas paintings
– 2 pairs of hippie pants
– a bikini top
– 2 pairs of sunglasses, and
– 2 tourist Cambodia t-shirts

AND I’m currently eating a huge and delicious bowl of pork, noodle and vegetable soup and its $2 which is expensive for here but it’s cause I’m on a stop on the bus ride to the beach, so I guess it ain’t all that bad.

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