More donations


So the kids filled my camera so much that is froze right when this moment happened, so I’m going to have to wait to get photos of this. Amiee, a very lovely girl in my year at high school got in contact with me expressing her eagerness to help out and some money she wanted to donate. I found out that none of the kids have pillows and after seeing their sleeping conditions I could see how much this would help. So we put Amiee’s donations towards funding 17 pillows, one for each child, and when I walked in carrying these big Santa sacks full of pillows in the pouring rain an they were opened up to unveil the gift, their eyes light up and we had pillows being thrown and shaken in the air and hugged like soft toys. I couldn’t capture that moment, but Emma has so ill get these photos ASAP, but it was incredible seeing how happy a thing we take for granted could make these children! They hurried up to their room and lapped up the luxury!

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