A feast for the masses.



And there you have it, lunch is served. Accompanied with big bowls of rice, and chilli, garlic dipping sauce for the meat, we sat on the floor (at their dinner table) and there was silence….for once, for a very long time. The meal went down an absolute treat, but something to point out is Cambodia’s are extremely generous (this morning I was delivered mushroom, noodle soup by Socheat that her mum had cooked me cause she knew how much I loved the strange mushrooms here) they will give you everything they possibly can give up, chairs are pulled out and put directly under fans whenever you have to wait, and today we were served up the biggest meals of anyone. It’s seen as offensive to not finish what they serve to you here (no wonder I’m getting a “Buddha belly”) of course because the don’t want to waste any food as it’s scarce for a lot. But I literally could not have eaten it all if my life depended on it, and still I had fruit pushed into my hands afterwards. This week has been so special just seeing every ounce of appreciation across all the kids and Borin and her husbands face, for the simplest of actions. Today everyone learnt the word FEAST!


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