My treat


Last night I wanted to take Socheat out for dinner to thank her for all the motorbike rides, translations and help she has given me and Emma over the past week. Unfortunately Emma had a very difficult time getting back from Siem Reap, as dinner was meant to be from the two of us, but I was just thankful she got home safely, Socheat brought her brother and his shadow (Mrs. Leng’s son) along as well. They drove me about 5 minutes out of town down the main road to a very poplar restaurant amongst the locals, and one I had no hope of finding myself. I told them to order for me cause I wanted to taste their favourite Khmer foods. We got a delicious marinated beef dish with green tomatoes which you ate with a salt and pepper mix that you squeeze lime into and rice, a seafood dish which was their favourite (uncooked prawns), I was warned not to eat much cause it would make me sick cause my stomach isn’t like theirs… Which was fine by me, I tasted it and it was really quiet spicy (though my tolerance is getting better). And then we had a tong yum soup, think tom yum but less oily and much more fresh, which was filled with fish, lemongrass, herbs and mushrooms and was just spicy enough and was absolutely incredible! Topped off by a plate of pineapple, I took 4 people out, drinks included for $20 all together, now I could get use to that! And then I went into a food coma!

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