Christmas in September



The children have two sets of clothing, they rotate them each day whilst the other is getting washed. (And we all need something new to wear each time we go out…)Some of their shoes I’m unsure how they walk in cause they’re holding on by a thread. The idea of a uniform has been a fantasy of Borin’s for a few years now, and something that will separate them less from the fortunate few who can afford to attend school. Whilst they only for 3-4 hours of English a day, a uniform for them 1. Makes it all the more proper and real as well as 2. Gives them another set of clothes to play in (and hopefully take better care of). So yesterday Borin and I went down to the tailor here, and chose out 17 school shirts, 9 skirts and 8 trousers for each and every kid at the orphanage to have their very own uniform (and maybe one day if they are lucky enough to be sponsored to go to school, they’ll already be set). Borin was the happiest I’ve ever seen her, and one of the girls that came along kept hugging me and saying thank you, you’re so good ‘Cher’. The kids were filled with so much glee when they each received there packages. We popped them straight on!

For those that don’t know, my family each year, give up a portion of money at Christmas to buy gifts for villages and communities that need it most, we’ve bought, wells, animals etc. in the past but one of my aunties had a great idea in using this money to fund my orphanage as I was thinking of getting some sponsorship from family and friends. So these uniforms in fact are the result of my very generous family, and 1/3rd of their sponsorship. The rest of the gifts are coming throughout the week! So a huge thank you to everyone who contributed, here is how happy you’ve all made someone/s!

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