Mrs. Laymeng and her incredible house & heart





We had a very amazing experience yesterday (and today), Mrs Leng’s nice Socheat came up and started talking to us the day before and about how she can show us around. She’s 19, studying interior design and speaks very good English. She told us about her aunts incredible house and promised to take us their the next day. Her grandfather has been fairly unwell and Mr. Leng (her uncle) has been caring for him a lot lately so there has been a lot of family always at our house in the afternoons. Socheat, her sister and aunt beckoned us towards two motorbikes and we were off. I was on a motor bike with Mrs Laymeng and she was so happy she was hugging me the entire way. We went through to a part of Pursat that I’d never seen before, one that is absolutely beautiful and filled with lush green trees and smaller dirt roads. We arrived at her incredible house (pictured) and was given a grand tour. Lavender, wild flowers galore, pineapples, grapefruit, passion fruit to feed the masses, dragon fruit you name it she grows it! And what a proud gardener she is!

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