Dinner with Mrs Laymeng



We thought we were going on a girls night out for dinner with Socheat, but when we got home from school she told us her aunt loved us so much and has cooked us fried noodles and wants us to come for dinner (she’s a vegetarian too-first Cambodian vegetarian I’ve met). She made us a delicious spread of fried noodles a vegetables, most of which were from her own garden, as well as home grown dragon fruit and a very strange orange fruit which was almost like sweet pumpkin, the texture was the hardest part to get our head around. Thankful for something other than rice, and feeling very welcomed we had a big family dinner outside and it was so incredibly lovely and generous. She also makes home made soy milk which we tasted yesterday and loved so we had a second batch of that to take home, more passion fruit and she picked us a new grapefruit cause we had told her who much we loved the first one. An experience like this with locals is exactly the reason I am so thankful for where I have been placed. Cambodia’s are the most generous humans, our kids will carry all our bags and umbrellas and books, and we’re always offered mountains of food and gifts from kind new friends, even those that don’t have much, here they go above and beyond for you and it’s the most wonderful feeling. One day I hope to return here, and re-visit all my children (hopefully sponsor one- though that will be a tough choice) and have the big welcome back party on Mrs. Laymeng’s top veranda that we’ve been promised. Hopefully not alone next time 😀

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