Sgnor chheouk (beef out of the pot)



Or in this case pork (cause the beef didn’t look good enough at the markets apparently). I took the first photo to prove that I dabbled with some green chilli in mine, a lot less than others but baby steps are being taken here in Asia. Morning glory (a vegetable here?), chilli basil (didn’t know this existed till today) marinating the pork in sugar, fish sauces, and soy sauces and cooking it all up with garlic, oil, water and the paste made for the last dish! I was so full from my first curry and wasn’t expecting this much food for 10 dollars but it was fantastic! I did this class with about 8 others, and met some awesome people (mainly volunteers from the Battambang province as well as an under water photographer working in Thailand). I’m so glad that I finally got to do a cooking class, it was so much fun and we got a cook book full of Asian delights as a souvenir which was perfect. Battambang as it turns out was a culinary experience but I’m a-okay with that!

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