Dried banana






Yep, so I did the unthinkable… I lugged my iPad through the outskirts of Battambang, through all the villages, whipping it out to snap up photos. I felt out of place doing it, but I was the only one on my tour this morning (besides my two guides) so I couldn’t care less and I’m glad I got to share what I got to see. Today I had my first motor bike ride, though I’d swore I wouldn’t hope on one whilst here… I had absolutely no choice when I was picked up at 7:30 this morning with this my only option. Reluctantly and terrified I mounted the bike. I had planned to do a bike tour whilst here, mainly because they sounded amazing but also due to the shear amount of rice we’re served up daily by Mrs. Leng. The hostel owners told me a new group were conducting the same style tours but much more cheaply, run by local university students. Turns out, on weekends their tours are in fact free. FREE is a backpackers favourite word. I though why not, I was actually helping out locals this way. It actually was a fantastic move on my behalf, not only was it personalised, but they had a lot more knowledge and contacts of the locals. We rode for about an hour getting outside the hustle and bustle of the city (though less hustley than Siem Reap or Phenom Penh) and this was our first stop. Many if the previous houses in this area had a similar set up out the front of their house and with the abundance of banana trees I can see why. The lady thinly slices 6 bananas laying them into the bamboo slate. Usually they leave them in the sun for about 5 hours to dry them out, but the best way, I am told, is to eat them when they have been cooked over the fire for a minute or so. Whilst we waited we sampled the bananas. They are more like lady finger bananas, much smaller but their size definitely does not compensate their taste. These were the sweetest and best bananas I’ve ever eaten, grown from the back of this ladies house. The bottom picture is what we were brought over, and the three of us took turns breaking pieces off. I was shocked that the only ingredient was banana because the sugars had almost caramelised whilst drying it out. They lady makes the equivalent of $2.50 a day selling sheets of these for 10 for $1. I purchased $1 worth cause they were too good not to take some back to Pursat and share with Emma, and to say thank you for the lady for letting us into her home.

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