Butterfly tours


Riding around the “country side” of Battambang was exactly what I needed to fall more in love with this place. It’s absolutely beautiful, and the echoes of “hellos” from all the carefree children, you couldn’t help but grin, the two Cambodia boys were 24 and 26 and kept telling me that everyone was yelling out how beautiful I was and then saying they were so lucky to be spending the morning with me. So up went my self esteem, haha. But in all seriousness, they were very genuine boys, who were more than happy to drive me 3kms out of the city to find a beautiful pool to laze by and swim in and asked for nothing but to write a review on their company on trip advisor, both studying in Battambang and trying to make some money and help their country out at the same time. The fact that all I had to pay for was some fruit went down very well in my books and though I now sport the worst worst shorts tan, the 40km ride was 100% worth it. I’m going to sleep well tonight!

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