We have chickens surrounding our house, in fact there are chickens everywhere. They start their call at 4am, which usually doesn’t sink into my sleep pattern till 6am when I’m starting to wake up. Every morning I’m up before 7, which I don’t mind because it much cooler then. This morning I was up before 6, not feeling too cash hot in the stomach (nor are many others-that damn curry we were served for lunch and dinner!) I went to sit outside and read with the sun rising behind me, and walked out to see my host mum doing Zumba to crazy Cambodian music. It was a sight and a half, and as per usual I was shooed away and told “inside”. Cambodia’s days start at 5am and finish before 8am purely cause of the heat. I decided that I’d go for a walk around the neighbourhood and I’ve begun to appreciate why they’re up so early. It’s peaceful and the perfect temperature. The sun hasn’t got any strength to it, as of yet and the roads are quiet and filled with few bikes riding to and from the markets. Being I’m bed before 9 most nights here surprisingly has its perks!

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