Here I’ve seen almost every type of doubling on bikes and motor bikes. People riding with the entire family on the back of a motor bike, bikes with ginormous baskets full of vegetables strapped barely on the back, people sitting sideways casually on bikes or motorbikes flying down the street and even babies standing up holding on to their parents shoulders whilst they ride.

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  1. Amazing isn’t it? We saw the same in Bangkok. I’ve often wondered what the infant mortality rate is from transport accidents compared to a Western society. Glad you survived your bus trip ok the other day. I experienced something similar catching public transport out to the Western Desert in Egypt. It took a few days to get tickets ( we were very persistent), but the experience once we were finally on was a real gem. Passengers kept filing on way after all the seats had been taken. Baskets of chickens and goodness knows what else kept piling on. The ticket collector was a very nimble barefoot Kaftan wearing youth who scrambled ‘Crocodile Dundee’ style over all of our heads to the back of the bus and back. Though fortunately we didn’t experience poison alcohol at our destination. Glad you are smart enough to take care of yourself Katie!
    Your children there all look so beautiful,
    Tracey x

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