This morning, I woke up at 4:30am looking like I’d been hit by a truck in the face because this weekend trip has been anything but restful. It was still pitch black when we left the hostel, but after a hold up with our tuk tuk’s and predicted cloud cover I was worried we’d miss the sunrise entirely. Tickets purchased (along side some obnoxious Britt’s who wreeked of vodka, hadn’t made their way to bed yet after a night on “pub street” and were insanely rude to the local workers- evidently I have no patience or tolerance in the mornings) we arrived just in time to see the whirlwind of colours transform in front of us surrounded by a sea of tourists. It was such a strange feeling, with prays being chanted over a loud speaker from a temple in the distance, it was wonderfully peaceful and still, yet not at all from the crowds. The 4:30 start was instantly not regretted.

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