The Royal Palace





We arrived at the river side palace, admittedly we were an easy target coming in a large group of predominately westerners, and immediately these poor, heat exhausted children started following our each and every foot step. Latching on to some more than others, no matter how many times to you said no there their heart breaking offers for 1000 reil bags of corn kernels (25cents). At first I wasn’t targets but half way along 2 little boys who told me they were 10 and 11 followed me half way around the grounds, “felixing” me the whole way (walking exactly where my feet are about to go. They even bartered them down, I kept saying no. The thing is here you can’t give these poor, probably innocent children money because you don’t know who they are attached to and when one gets money they flock and won’t leave you alone. So I didn’t really get to take in all that much of the palace cause I was too busy making sure I wasn’t going to get anything snatched and shoo-ing off these boys (and girl).

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