Surrounded by the sounds of birds and the wind, I spent a very peaceful afternoon and night reading (by candle light) and crawled into bed layered up in every warm clothing item I had because as soon as the sun went down this jungle gets mighty cold!



The water was actually really fresh, and a little too fresh for me with no sunshine coming through the gaps in the canopy, so this time I just admired the natural beauty and hiked back up to the camp… Where I found one of the cheeky local kids had stolen my thongs (about the only person that would be able to fit them) and refused to give them back!


After a long and exhaustingly hot day of trekking and swimming we arrived at our house for the night within this village. Very basic bamboo huts with very uncomfortable mattresses (if you could call them that), blankets folded into a man made pillow, mosquito nets with gigantic holes and a fire to keep us warm. Before the sun went down we decided to explore down to our local waterfall.







These are the local villages hidden within the forests walls. Basic bamboo huts, no electricity and farm animals surrounding. Barely any connection to the rest of the world, but what a view!


This set up is for the locals to use to climb up and collect honey! No chains, or harnesses…better hope they aren’t scared of heights, and hang on tightly!